The 9 Best Foods for Hair Growth

A strong, healthy, nicely-looking hair would make any human happy and confident. However, while hair naturally grows about 0.5-inch every month, its rate of growth is dependent on several conditions. Some of the factors that affect hair health include age, stress, styling habits, genetics, hormones, diet, and hygiene. When the right combination of nutrient is absent from your daily foods, its resultant effect may become apparent on the scalp.

Hair growth depends on a couple of factors, including the right nutrition. However, most times, the special foods that make up this ‘right’ nutrition are missing. So, what are these foods, and how can we include them in our diet to make the hair healthier while boosting its growth? Read through this article to know these and more.

9. Oysters

If you would like to repair and grow your hair quickly, then consider taking a meal containing healthy doses of zinc. You need an excellent proportion because excessive consumption of zinc can also result in hair loss. Hence, the oyster is the perfect meal as it contains a small, healthy amount of the nutrient.

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