13 Health Insurance Tricks That Can Help You Spend Less

13. Explore off-exchange options.

Do not rely on government exchange as your source of reference for health plans. These government sources tend to provide people with only the plans that qualify you for government funding in your area. To remove this limitation, take your comparison outside government boundaries. Explore your options at private online health, such as eHealth.com. Several compliant plans can be found in the individual market, which can be leveraged to enroll in subsidy-eligible plans you will ordinarily not find in government sources. Likewise, the peculiarities of these health care options also vary from state to state. You can see where your state stands in the league of states offering the best health care plans in your country.

12. Opt for a Health Saving Account (HSA).

You will save considerably by choosing health savings for your health plan payments. Why? The HSA money is tax-deductible. Therefore, you can withdraw money without tax and enjoy tax-free interest overtime. The tax break is easier when you accumulate your account frequently in preparation for when the need to spend will arise.

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