10 Signs of Depression You Should NEVER Ignore

The various signs of depression are diverse and numerous. Depression is more than just a sense of sadness; in fact, it is an illness that can cause long, persistent, and potentially serious symptoms. If you suspect you are suffering from this condition, the following are some of the common signs.

Types Of Depression

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The first of these four basic types of Depression is bipolar depression. This type of depression affects the moods of a person and is usually diagnosed during the manic phase. The second type of Depression is dysthymia. A person who suffers from dysthymia does not go into a state of mania or depression. People who have dysthymia may have periods of sadness, but they also may have periods where they are happy..

1. Lack Of Interest

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People experiencing depression may shy away from the activities that they normally love to practice the whole time. For instance, they may stop going out with their friends or heading to the park, the activities which made them happy may no longer be that important.

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