5 Signs That Show You’ve Got Bed Bugs in Your Home

Although small black bugs in house do not transmit infectious diseases, they can be bothersome and even cause health problems. From physical reactions, such as rashes or allergies, to psychological effects, such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia, these reasons are more than enough to make unwanted insects in your home.

trendy buzz wants to help to tiny flying bugs in house you fight bed bug infestation before it spreads, which will be easier to treat. Here are some signs you should be aware of!

1. Itchy red spots

If you have skin irritation or if you notice small red marks on your face, arms, legs, chest or back that are biting, this indicates that you have bed bugs. These are the bites that can then become inflamed and scratches can cause bleeding and infections.

To make sure you have bed bugs and no other bugs, look at the bite pattern. They often small tiny brown bugs in house in groups, straight lines, and zigzag lines. However, some people may not have a physical reaction to bed bugs that look like cockroaches and therefore will not have red spots or itching.

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