10 Best Foods for Living a Long Productive Life

10 Spices

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  • More often than not, we have been discouraged from eating strongly flavored dishes for the sake of our health. However, spices do have numerous benefits – provided you do not suffer from a particular condition making spicy food a no-no. Curcumin, for instance, has antibacterial properties and can treat colds without side effects of medications.


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Creamy, buttery avocados are packed with valuable substances aiding the heart and the brain function, which is the key to longevity. One avocado contains about 33% of the recommended daily intake of fat. And it is ‘good’ fat we talk about, easily digested and metabolized.


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Okra tastes a bit like squashes and green beans, which makes it one of the best vegs to boost your diet with. Low on cals, okra is a powerhouse of valuable substances, great for the bones, the colon, the brain. Rich in high fiber, okra aids digestion, helps to flush out toxins and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


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And who does not like nuts? They can be eaten as a snack to stave off hunger or added to salads, desserts, and casseroles. Consume them regularly, and you will feel better in mind and body. Nuts help to lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol and maintain the normal metabolic process.


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An invaluable source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, Kale has always ranked high on the scale of health-giving vegs. Filling yet light, kale helps to fight off cancer, is good the lungs, and promotes heart cell growth.


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The vine has been cultivated by the human race for more than 6000 years. Full of vital phytochemicals and vitamins, grapes should be a staple on the diet of any modern person. They reduce the risk of chronic heart deceases and prevent clogged arteries. Grapes have a low insulin response rate, so they are deemed safe for diabetics, the red and dark grapes in particular.

4 Berries

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The antioxidant effect of berries is well-known. They boost our immunity to illness. They also help people age more gracefull, reason enough to include berries in their diet. One serving of wild berries should be sufficient to ward off the cognitive decline associated with advanced age.

3 Garlic

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And do not overlook garlic. Highly valued by other cultures for its wholesome properties, garlic is one of the key foods in the diet of longevities. Garlic boosts our immunity during the cold and ‘flu season. Combined with lemons, it helps to keep the arteries clean.

2 Legumes

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Beans and lentils are a healthier alternative to meat: you can consume them without harm for the heart, digestion and other systems. They also make the nerves healthier and prevent atherosclerosis. To maximize beans’ nutritional value, let them sprout before eating.

1O live oil

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Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil counts as a better choice than regular vegetable oils. It is said to be particularly good for the heart. Just make sure you buy extra virgin oil of high quality, pressed from olives using the traditional cold method.