Here’s What Eating An Avocado Per Day Can Do For You

Health freaks everywhere absolutely love avocados, and it’s no wonder. Avocados are delicious, they are super versatile, and the health benefits are enormous.

It’s tough to find another food that is as good for you as an avocado, so let’s look a little deeper at what they offer.

1. They have cancer-fighting properties

There are several ingredients in avocados that help prevent your chances of cancer, and these are phytochemicals, phenols, and xanthophyll.

This is a fantastic advantage of eating avocados regularly and leaves you with no excuse not to do it!

They are good for cardiovascular health

2. They are good for cardiovascular health

Research has shown that avocados are perfect for the health of your heart. They have absolutely no lousy fat but plenty of good fat, which is vital for your arteries.

If you eat an avocado each day, your cholesterol levels mind develop, and you will usually feel extra healthy in yourself. They additionally have significant levels of potassium which increases bloodstream, repeatedly positively affecting the heart.

You will have healthier skin and eyes

3. You will have healthier skin and eyes

Lutein and zeaxanthin are two ingredients found in avocados that will strengthen your eyes and also prevent visual decay.

You force be questioning why they are so good for the skin? UV affects us every single day, but avocados have vital properties that give you an extra layer of protection from the sun.

They help you lose weight

4. They help you lose weight

The main reason why the popularity of avocados is on the increase is that multiple people are starting to apprehend how useful they are to weight loss.

These small green fruits are surprisingly satisfying, which will support prevent additional snacking throughout the day. They additionally help your metabolism and stop you from watching/feeling bloated because they are stuffed full of fiber.

Recipe ideas for avocados

Recipe ideas for avocados

Eating avocados does not have to be boring; there are many exciting things you can do with them in the kitchen. By trying new things, you can EASILY fit avocados into your life so let’s have a look at a couple of recipes.

Delicious avocado smoothie


– Half a cup of orange juice.
– Half a cup of chopped avocado.
– Half a cup of lowfat yogurt
– 1 banana
– Ice

To found this yummy and nutritious avocado smoothie, combine all the elements in a food processor until it comes at the necessary flexibility.

Bacon and peach guacamole


– 1 peach
– Quarter a cup of chopped onion
– A few rashers of cooked, chopped up crispy bacon
– 2 avocados

Start by cutting up the peach and avocados before mixing. Then it’s time to add the bacon and combining completely using your hands. Season the guacamole with salt and pepper if you wish.

Here's What Eating An Avocado Per Day Can Do For You


There are so many health benefits to avocados.

With the number of different avocado-based dishes out there, look around and see what could be right for you. They can help you lose weight and become a healthier person, which is what we all want!