What Happens When You Eat Chocolate Every Day


If you are searching for a treatment that will not make you lose weight or your risk of diabetes, look no further. The answer is fruit. Not what you had in mind? Ok, let’s talk chocolate.

Dark chocolate can be a pleasure if you watch your portions. It contains the right amount of nutrients and antioxidants that can protect your body and make you feel good.

Keep reading for all the justification you need to give yourself a little chocolate every day.

1. Protects Against Heart Disease


Since dark chocolate compounds protect against LDL oxidation, less cholesterol will lodge in the arteries over time, reducing the risk of heart disease. Eating dark chocolate twice a week seems to reduce the risk of calcified plaque in the arteries by 35%. But why stop there? Eating chocolate around five times a week could reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 57%!

The studies done on this effect were mostly observational, so we can not say that it’s chocolate and nothing else has improved life expectancy.

However, we know that lowering blood pressure and oxidized LDL reduces the risk of heart disease and that the antioxidants in dark chocolate have this effect. It is not an unreasonable leap to credit this sweet indulgence.

2. Super Antioxidant Power


The way scientists measure the antioxidant capacity of foods is called ORAC, or oxygen radical uptake capacity. Made in a test tube, dangerous free radicals are introduced into foods to see how far antioxidants can neutralize them.

Performed in the laboratory, ORAC may not tell us exactly how the same food would react in the body. However, raw and unprocessed cocoa beans are distinguished from the cards by this measure.

Of course, you do not eat raw beans, but dark chocolate contains many compounds that act as antioxidants, including polyphenols, flavonols, catechins, and so on. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than most other foods.

3. Better Cardiovascular Health


Before you get too excited, you may have a diagnosis. However, we know that flavonols in dark chocolate tend to stimulate the endothelium (the lining of the arteries) for nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide sends a message to the arteries to relax, improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

The effects are usually mild and can not have a significant impact on people who are already hypertensive. However, if you are in the healthy food range, eating dark chocolate can help you stay there.

4. Balances HDL and LDL Cholesterol

When doctors look at cholesterol, they take into account the balance between LDL, or bad cholesterol, with HDL or good cholesterol. Dark chocolate can improve this balance and reduce the risk of heart disease associated with high cholesterol levels.

LDLs are particularly dangerous when they are oxidized, that is, they have reacted with free radicals. Once oxidized, LDL particles are able to damage other tissues, particularly the lining of the arteries of the heart.

Cocoa contains many powerful antioxidants that can reduce oxidized LDL. Studies have also shown an increase in HDL and a decrease in overall LDL in people with high cholesterol.

5. Nutrition

You have to eat dark chocolate, rather than milk or white (which doesn’t count as chocolate at all) to benefit from the nutrition. But when you choose dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa, you’ll find that one 100-gram bar contains 11 grams of fiber and most of your daily recommended value for copper and manganese.

You have to eat dark chocolate rather than milk or white to be able to benefit 100% of the nutrition. But when you decide to choose dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa, you will find that a 100-gram bar contains 15 grams of fiber and that most daily recommended values ​​for copper and manganese.

You’ll also get more than half of your daily iron and magnesium, plus some potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium.

However, 100 grams is more than you should eat in a day because it contains 600 calories. Read the label to specify how much you are free to spend without exceeding a safe amount of added sugar.

6. Protects Skin from Sun Exposure

Flavonols in dark chocolate can help protect the skin from damage caused by the sun’s rays. There is a measure called MED, or minimum erythemal dose that quantifies the minimum amount of UV rays that can cause reddening of the skin.

This is a part for everyone, of course. One review, however, revealed that daily consumption of dark chocolate for 12 weeks more than doubled the amount of individual MED reading for participants.

Flavonols can also support the flow of blood to the skin and increase the moisture and density of the skin. These are two elements that keep the skin shaved, soft and hydrated.

7. Stronger Brain Function

It’s all about the blood flow. Not just great for your heart and your skin, better blood flow to the brain makes a huge impact on cognition.

Healthy volunteers participating in an investigation asking them to break the crust of high-flavonol cocoa for five days all showed subscribing to the blood flow to the brain. It turns out that cocoa can also support older people with psychological disabilities to recover some verbal fluency. ency.

We wish to give the antioxidant content of dark chocolate to strengthen the brain function, which undoubtedly plays an essential role. But do not forget the caffeine contained in chocolate, which stimulates your brain in the short term. Nothing hard to do this – it is merely necessary to want credit when the credit is due also to advise the former with a psychological disability to recover some verbal fluency.


Yay! Dark chocolate is a yummy treat that’s actually good for you. But, it is a treat that also has a fair amount of sugar and can be easily overeaten.

We advise you to keep your chocolate the time of day where you want to make you happy – people have their weak moments. Take a bar of quality dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa and take the time to savor a square or two. square or two.

The antioxidant superpower and the mineral content of dark chocolate make it an excellent gratin, but remember that milk chocolate offers much fewer benefits, while white chocolate provides none.

They both have more sugar to start. As long as you stick to dark things, you will do well your body.